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Listings provided on our site Universal Renters.com are only informational. Universal Renters.com does not guarantee the availability, locations, prices, etc. of the listings provided on the site. Universal Renters.com is not responsible for the inaccuracies or misprints and does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided in any of the listings.

Although personal contact information of the advertisers is displayed on the website, advertisers agree that they are responsible for any and all consequences of displaying their contact information on the website. Universal Renters.com shall not be liable for any claims made by either renters or the advertisers.

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Although we try our best to provide you with current information as accurately as possible, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. There may be discrepancies between the real information and the information displayed on the map. These discrepancies are due to the factors that are beyond our control such as closures or out-of-date data received from other sources.


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